Sicherungsstellung Nord
 - The WW1 German Northern Front in the Southern Jutland, Denmark. 1916-1920.
Forts and Defence Lines in Scandinavia

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 The Background
 The Landscape 
 Building the Position
 The Infantry and Trenches
 The Light Batteries
 The Heavy Batteries
 The Camps
 POW´s and other Prisoners
 Other Facilities
 Other Batteries
 Some of the Remainings
To the Start


  Some of the remaining bunkers, visible today

Allerup Krat Google Map
Andholm B-geschütze Heavy Battery

Andholm Battery Google Map
  Arrild Nord  
  Arrild Præsteskov  
  Drengsted Battery

Drengsted Battery Google Map
Gammelskov Heavy Battery

Gammelskov Battery Google Map
Gammel Torsbjerg
  Gasse Høje

Gasse Høje Google Map
Kalby Plantage

Kalby Plantage Google Map
Lerskov Heavy Battery

Lerskov Battery Google Map
  Mjolden  Battery Google Map  
  Pioneers Bridge

Pioneers Bridge Bevtoft Google Map

Pothøj Google Map
  Rugbjerg Heavy Battery  
  Skovby Medium Battery

Skovby battery Google Map

Strandelhjørn Heavy Battery

  Torsbjerg Heavy Battery

Torsbjerg Battery Google Map
  Øster Gasse  
  Årøsund Coastal battery Google Map